Lorraine Hogan is a multifaceted creative powerhouse, recognized for her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to the arts. With a diverse background spanning, music, photography, fine art printmaking and film, Lorraine brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to every project she undertakes.

From a young age, Lorraine exhibited a profound passion for storytelling and visual expression. This passion led her to pursue a degree in Fine Art in Crawford College of Art and Design, where she honed her craft and developed a keen eye for detail. Armed with her artist prowess and an insatiable curiosity, Lorraine embarked on a journey of exploration, seeking inspiration in the world around her.

Throughout her career, Lorraine has seamlessly blended her love for imagery, creating captivating narratives that resonate with audiences across various mediums. Her work has been featured in prestigious publications and galleries, earning her acclaim for her ability to evoke emotion and provoke thought through her artistry.

As she continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, Lorraine remains dedicated to honing her craft and exploring new avenues of expression. Whether through her art, or film work, she strives to create meaningful connections and leave a lasting impression on those who encounter her work.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Lorraine is deeply passionate about using her talents to make a positive impact in her community. She volunteers her time and expertise to support local causes, leveraging her creativity to raise awareness and inspire change.