Visual Artist

Lorraine Hogan, a dynamic arts professional hailing from the lively creative scenes of London and rooted in the cultural richness of Cork. Her talents span various creative domains, including visual art, singing, songwriting, and filmmaking.


Lorraine’s passion for art and music has transcended traditional boundaries, leading her to explore new artistic territories. Her journey has recently taken an exciting turn with her directorial and producing debut in the upcoming short documentary, “Sean Scoil” (Old School), a project set to broadcast on TG4 in 2024. Collaborating with esteemed artists such as Liam Ó Maonlai, this venture marks a significant milestone in her career, following her contributions to TV programs like RTÉ Fleadh Cheoil and “Seal La Dáithi” for TG4.

Lorraine’s foray into film extends beyond “Sean Scoil” and encompasses a range of upcoming projects that showcase her versatility in producing, directing, and editing. 

“Creative Minds with Lorraine Hogan” an upcoming segment where her innovative storytelling and interest in the creative arts landscape takes centre stage in 2024.


Sean Scoil, 2023

The short documentary celebrates the local community saving an old school from demolition. How the community transforms the 1836 building into state-of-the-art community and arts centre, helping the cultural life of a rural parish in Minane Bridge, County Cork.  Featuring a musical performance with Liam Ó MaonlaÍ and interviews with local community members Paddy O’Brien, Helen O’Dowd and Eileen McGough.

Sean Scoil screening at The Tracton Arts Festival 2023.  

Muirdhreach, 2023

Music - Art Film

Art Installation

 The Panopticon

A two screen video and sound installation created to explore the impact of rapid urbanization on people’s sense of belonging and connection to their surroundings. The concept of the video work was to challenge the viewer to question the consequences of surveillance and the potential loss of personal freedom in increasingly urbanized societies. 


Prisoners, London 2015

Trainspotting, London, 2015