“Yellow Halo I” Siobhán Russell photo


Art Film - Poem

Art installation

The Panopticon

A thought-provoking, video installation, dealing with with the complex relationship of contemporary living within, controlled environments. The two screen installation questions the consequences of surveillance and the potential loss of personal freedom within society.


Prisoners, London 2015

Trainspotting, London, 2015

Film - Sean Scoil, 2023

Sean Scoil, produced and directed by Lorraine Hogan in 2023. The short documentary celebrates the local community saving an old school from demolition. How the community transforms the 1836 building into state-of-the-art community and arts centre, helping the cultural life of a rural parish in Minane Bridge, County Cork.  Featuring a musical performance with Liam Ó MaonlaÍ and interviews with local community members Paddy O’Brien, Helen O’Dowd and Eileen McGough.


Lorraine Hogan’s printmaking – POST IT exhibition displayed on 100 billboards in the UK & Ireland.

‘Time’, Photo Riston, 2014

Art film and music

Creative Minds

“Creative Minds with Lorraine Hogan” an upcoming segment where her Hogan’s interest in the creative arts landscape takes centre stage in 2024.